Consistency starts with a balanced breakfast

In attempting to create more consistency in my life, I figured I would try to commit to doing something on a weekly basis. A fellas gotta eat, right?  And eating comes right on a Saturday morning. So let’s at least eat breakfast every Saturday morning, ok?

Good!  Now that we have a goal, let’s set up a plan.  We need to find a breakfast club.  A breakfast club?  There’s gotta be something out there.  Let’s Google it!

Google Search.  “Breakfast Club.”  But then I thought, “what am I going to talk about over breakfast with a bunch of people I don’t really know?” so I figured, “what do I like to talk about?”.  And then I thought, “yeah, BMWs.”   So I Googled “Breakfast Club BMW” and wouldn’t you know it, the 3rd item on the list is‎,  the Sunday Morning Breakfast Club, “a loose affiliation of riders riding to breakfast (and beyond) Sunday mornings since 1949”.  Nice! Now we’re talkin’.

Sure, these guys meet on Sundays, not a Saturdays, as per my original plan…but, hey, no biggie.   Apollo always said, “success comes on the heels of change.”

Ok.   Apollo didn’t really say that — maybe something close at some point during his career at being an ancient god — but it does sound cool, you have to admit.

As I was clicking through the site, I saw a link for “Groeger Special Tooling” and saw this photograph


and the following text:

“This is Joe Groeger scoping out the condition of the large bearing from the rear-end of a 1966 BMW R69S (mine). It’s an example of the type of things that happen Saturday mornings at Groeger Special Tooling. (He found indications of pitting on the race – the bearing was replaced). Join us as we talk about (and sometimes work on) old BMW motorcycles. The group meets just before 10:00 AM Saturday mornings at Groeger Special Tooling in Redwood City. We leave for brunch in Redwood City about 10:30.”

Breakfast.  Saturday.   BMWs!!   Now we’re talkin’!

A bunch of guys who “talk about (and sometimes work on) old BMW motorcycles” and eat not breakfast…no, not breakfast, my friends.  Because breakfast would be too stressful.   These guys meet for brunch.

Dear Readers, brunch is how you do breakfast right.

Well, was I in for a treat.   At my very first brunch I decided to bring a little project I was working on: an R69s crank assembly that was part of a motor project  I am building for myself.  The crank had a little big end rod bearing play. Just a click, mind you.  I can’t even measure the movement. But there is a definite click. You can’t feel it but you can hear it.

I know!  I know what you’re thinking.

And it’s probably wrong.  Because how could you know?  There are 4 billion people on this earth and three of them know about /2 BMW cranks.  From my internet research, Brent Hansen’s and Duane Ausherman’s sites, I knew that any play was too much play.  But did I have “any”  play?  I needed to ask an expert.  In addition to finding a good consistent Saturday morning breakfast, I also wanted to find a BMW /2 expert.

I found both in a man named Joe Groeger.

I will tell you about Joe in a future blog post.

Until next time, Defend Your Inalienable Rights!  Good night!


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