My Sherlock Holmes episode


Here’s a Sherlock Holmes episode about how Sherlock’s brother was completely fooled by a very high-ranking member of the Diogenes club whose primary desire to kill Sherlock Holmes was fueled by an insane fear he would be one day killed by Mr. Holmes. Of course, he is, in the end, killed by the elastic Sherlock Holmes, but not before Holmes’ deftly solves the crime by uncovering the madman’s secret plot by connecting a bizarre set of circumstances.  Once Holmes uncovers enough evidence, he arranges to accuse the mastermind. The incident goes down during a meeting between the two men, whose mutually opposing plans to destroy one another, go awry, Holmes realizes he is drugged and about to be captured inside the bunker that is 221b (even after a brave attempt by Mrs. Hudson), and slowly sinks into unconsciousness while still eyeball-to-eyeball with his attacker. Holmes awakes to find himself in his lair at 221b. Holmes awakes in a small locked room in the cellar. He peers out the door to see an armed guard. He flings open the doors, striking the guard in the head and knocking him unconscious. Holmes’ eyes dart for freedom. Just as he begins to flee, the boss appears in the gloom surrounded by armed henchmen.  The evil boss arrives and begins to counter accuse Holmes. In a series of absolutely-makes-you-think-this-guy-is-insane connections, he claims that someone is getting killed: either Homes or him. And he wasn’t going anywhere. Holmes knocks him off course by agreeing with him, congratulating him for solving the crime, and evoking the honor of the Diogenes club as he conceded to the better man. The moment the boss lowered his defense Sherlock strikes. We can make out Holmes eyes as he looks left and right. Suddenly his eyes come afire and we see him tearing through the sole of his own shoe, revealing quite a large revolver. Holmes falls to the side and deftly takes two shots, dispatching both henchmen immediately. He aims to shoot the boss and the pistol misfires. One shot, Two. Then another. The pistol clicks.  A hand-to-hand dual ensues, beginning with shove, then a rip roaring fist fight to the death! It is then that the assailant reveals-then-brandishes a concealed knife! Sherlock wrestles with the thug, jostling him left and right. He’s cut! Ah! Taste it! Now in a feat of pure strength and leverage, as if driven by the life in the blood itself, Sherlock leverages and twists the man’s wrist. The knife skitters across the floor. Now equally armed again, man to man, fist to fist, Sherlock spies his walking stick and immediately lunges for it, rolling and turning and as he does, unsheathing a hidden rapier! Sherlock wastes no time in disposing of the villan. One, two swipes! And he’s done, the rapier plunged straight through the heart. In his last gasping words, the man whose very soul was consumed by fear and welcomed inside a devil to dwell, looks up and, as his vision fades, he sees Sherlock eyeing him down while daftly snagging down his fine leather gloves, as if to signal the start of his next case!  The same scene the following day show Holmes and Watson, who has nonetheless been an integral part, providing witt, banter, relevancy, occasional clumsiness and of course firepower to this, and all of Holmes’, cases. Mrs Hudson serves tea, and receives a kiss on the cheek from Sherlock.


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