Finishing up the Dahlquist DQ-10 stacking stands

Well, I had some time to finish up the Dahlquist DQ-10 stacking stands!

This is the tail end of a project that popped into my head this past February. Stack two pairs of classic Dahlquist DQ10 speakers!

I stripped and refinished the wood panels and also recovered the speakers in a course bone white all natural burlap. Looks great!

The stands were painted with glossy black spray paint. I left the aluminum and steel rods raw. I think I may have a problem later on with the rods rusting. Perhaps make them out of stainless at some point in the future.

The stands can hold either a single pair of Dahlquist DQ10’s.


They can hold two pairs!

Note that they are height adjustable by moving the upper bracket tree on the vertical shaft.

The sound coming from these is superlative, divine!



5 thoughts on “Finishing up the Dahlquist DQ-10 stacking stands

  1. The stands look awesome and I bet the sound is equally as awesome as they look. How tall are they, I have a pair of matched dq-10s powered by Sherbourn 7/2100 amp and am looking for a second pair. Watching movies and music on these have been a pleasure and all ways wondered how a second pair would enhance the sound. Roughly what would cost be and time to produce?

    • Hey, Thanks! Sometimes I go for a few weeks without listening to these guys, and sometimes I listen to them everyday. Everytime I play music through them, I am shocked at how good they sound. Especially with vocals, brass and wood instruments. Imaging is great. Currently driving all four speakers with a Dynaco Stereo 70. The tube amp handles the low capacitance very well. For movies, i think the system would need some powerful subwoofers and a crossover to delete the low bass from the signal going into the DQ10’s. If I were to make another pair of these, I’d charge $1000 plus shipping.

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