Dahlquist DQ10 Stands – Adding leveling feet

Since they are so tall, I small degree of inaccuracy in the floor surface is magnified and makes the speakers look as if they are tilted.  So I decided to add some non-marring leveling feet.  Also, these stands with the speakers on them are so heavy that I wanted to protect my hardwood floors.

Many of you may think that the Table of the Elements is the list of raw materials for all things.  However you are wrong.  In fact, the aisles of Orchard Supply Hardware is actually the source of all raw materials.  So I popped over there and picked up some leveling feet with a non-marring surface.

I started by cutting out some semicircular scraps of steel, drilling a hole in it and welding a nut to one side.

I didn’t go crazy on the welding because I did not want to distort the nut.

I leveled and tack welded the scrap in place.

I laid down a short weld to hold things firm.

Looking good!

For the front, I welded a nut in between the steel bars.
I also picked up some paint at OSH, and I should have these sprayed up by End of Day!


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