Dahlquist DQ-10 Speaker Stands: Upper brackets and speaker frame brackets

Today I got back on the speaker stands for my two pairs of Dahlquist DQ-10 speakers.

In my previous blog post I built the feet and attached them to a sleeve which had a set screw to lock into a vertical post made from a 3′ length of 2″ x .125″ 6063T5 aluminum.

Today I set my attention to the upper portion of the stands. The part which affixes to the speakers themselves and also the upper brackets.

I’ve fashioned one of the upper brackets to pivot on a hinge so as to allow for some leeway in the width of the speaker being held.  The tube on the right will receive the hinge pin. The rube on the left will hold the speaker locating pin (10″ long) and the pin will be held in place with a roll pin (more on that in a bit).

The other upper arm bracket is held in a fixed position. (The speaker bracket locating pin is shown in this photo and the roll pin is installed.)

Pins made from 0.75″ ground shaft steel

attached upper brackets and arms to vertical and lower foot assembly

I used some 2″ wide steel flat bar attached to the sides of the speakers using the existing holes. This way, I don’t need to drill any additional holes in the speakers. Steel tube was attached to each bracket, allowing the speaker to slide onto the locating pin on each upper arm.


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